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skater punched by kid's mom 0    0

This clip is from Leland Goldberg's (@leegoldberg) part in "Warm Gravy" Lelands full part is here: THE FULL PUNCH VIDEO IS HERE https:/...

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Two Dads In Bloody Fight Over Daughter's Softball Team 0    0

These two dads have a bloody fight over their daughter's softball team. Maybe his daughter wasn't getting the playing time, or maybe he is just a huge a-hole?

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Explicit Dollar Tree Scene on Okeechobee in West Palm 0    0

Man loses his cool after lady holding gift bag had asked to cut the line to pay for her one single item...he was already checkin out , she was gonna cut another lady and myself, and we didn't mind...n...

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Woman drops her baby and fights 0    0

A woman drops her baby to fight. Follow me @PurestVideos Message me at

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Abusive ex boyfriend gets in fight with Entire family 0    0

This family moved in next door about 6 months ago, and have been nothing but a nuisance since. Loud arguing outside in the evenings, blaring music just sitting in their cars. well it reached a boi...

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554 MADE IN F*CKIN' USA! 554 | Donald Trump Rally | P... 0    0

Copyright ©2016 ERIC ROSENWALD PHOTOGRAPHY Twitter: @rosenwald_eric Email: CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE – Support Independe...

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San Francisco: Broad daylight armed robbery — cinematic! 0    0

Jump about 45 seconds in for the action. It's positively cinematic. Between 1:08 and 1:10 PM this afternoon, a group of guys in a car backed into a space while waiting for some tourists to walk do...

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