Hurricane Joaquin: Chris Christie Declares NJ State of Emergency


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Hurricane Joaquin - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has declared a state of emergency, given the Hurricane Joaquin nor’easter due to hit our region tonight into tomorrow and the uncertainty of the track of Hurricane Joaquin.

Christie is particularly concerned about communities along the ocean and the Delaware Bay with the first system coming up. That would include portions of Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland and Salem Counties.

“We know that there is definitely going to be moderate, and likely to be major flooding events in South Jersey on Friday into Saturday, with 5 to 6 inches of rainfall expected to come over those two days,” Christie told reporters during a briefing in Trenton.

Agencies are ready to address everything from moving people out to power problems to making sure gasoline supplies are uninterrupted.

After all, everyone remembers all too well the effects of Superstorm Sandy three years ago this month.

“I’m not here to, like, tell people that Sandy II is coming,” the Governor said. “I have no way of knowing that. But what I want people to know is if it did, we’re as prepared as you could be to deal with it.”

Christie understands the angst many residents might feel right now. Some traditionally do not take warnings from officials seriously. He suggests people be attentive, but keep things in perspective. “I’d say be prepared but don’t panic,” he said. “Now it’s easy for me to say, OK? But the fact is that’s the only advice you can give somebody like this.”

Residents should keep track of weather forecasts and emergency orders that might come from state or county officials. Christie won’t rule out possible evacuations, if they’re needed.
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